Ten Force Awakening Does Not Mean Perfect - HTC 10 Test Report

Htc, a brand that once stood at the top of the Android camp and is now struggling with the sight of consumers, the foundry of the first generation of its own son Google Qinqin -> Android booming blind sea tactics -> amazing but because of this The reason why htc can't turn over the One series products all the time, htc let me love and hate again. The love is the metal material it has been defending for many years, the perfect body technology, whether it is Android G12, M8 or WP7. Mozart, people put it down, the official GMS installer is lazy cancer + Google patients a great gospel, hate the htc from M8 on BoomSound and the front of the logo at the end of the obsession, and even "four chin" The embarrassment almost appeared in the comments on each new generation of htc products, coupled with the long-term lack of attention to the mainland market, the popularity of deteriorating, htc 10 lifestyle when the two-digit predetermined amount of people is almost a crime. . . Before the test of X9 and A9, I applied for an unsuccessful selection. This time, I saw that HTC 10 also applied for a habitual application. I never expected that the Aunt gave a big surprise. Then I took it with me. Let's take a look at HTC's unpopular and unpopular flagship product. Can the ten-awakening HTC 10 really carry the burden of HTC's take-off?

Unpacking and appearance

There is nothing new about the front of the box. The small bumps on the back of the box conflict with the simple effect the user wants to achieve. In fact, there is another layer of paper on the lid surface. The specific reason is unknown.

Front of box

Front details of the box

Machine model M10h, the color of the dark gray I want, freshly baked in July.

It is worth mentioning that the texture of the box itself is quite general, may be related to the use of a large number of recyclable materials produced by htc, the process of opening the lid is not the kind of damping sense of the slightest, as the flagship product is somewhat informal.

After the cover was opened, another major defeat was the huge handbook of the grandfather, which had caught sight of the eye. It almost covered the entire mobile phone. The manufacturer must really give the htc negative points in its ability to display the product.

Take away the Golden Jue manual, finally saw the real machine, marked on the film features highlights and key positions, fingerprint key location with a small glue made a one-time seal.

Underneath the phone is an accessory slot. A variety of manuals are placed under the card reader. The Hi-Res Audio headset is located at the top and the right side is a charger and Type C cable that supports QC 3.0.

Here can not help but Tucao about htc packaging details, the following figure, for example, the charger and the data line is not fixed, although the transport process is not to break, but the sound of the user when shaking the hand is annoying.

Attachment family portraits are as follows.

Before reading Liu Xiang's evaluation, he was worried about the messy appearance that he had sprayed. The personal information he received was still considered very beautiful. A black cover and a hundred ugliness were not wrong, and the screen was put down. The popular extinguishing screen aesthetics was thoroughly implemented. Although the front face lost its recognition due to the loss of the htc logo and the iconic BoomSound opening, the resulting increase in screen share and size resulted in a perception and grip. With great improvement, the slight 2.5D glass edge also enhances the overall product's temperament.

The only visible opening on the front is the handset and the camera. The bottom surface of the fingerprint button is frosted, making the phone look less monotonous.

From the top to the bottom, the right side is the SIM card slot, volume key and power button. The card slot only supports Unicom mobile single card, the material is plastic, and the body is inevitably a little color, the position and the other two buttons are not at the same height. There are vertical lines on the power button, both buttons are tight, press to remove the resistance, the volume button also inherited the old M8 loose tradition, the specific situation can refer to the video.

There is only one MicroSD card slot on the left, which can support up to 2T. The visual inspection and the right sim card slot are in symmetrical positions.

The top headphone jack is located in the middle, as is the bottom TypeC power jack, and the BoomSound jack is moved from the previous generation of panels to the right side of the power jack.

Compared to the front, the back is very family face, metal body, three-stage design, centered logo, all at a glance will be able to recognize this is the head of htc. The htc uses a light-carved edge molding body, not using the previous generations of arcs on the edge of the back cover, but using an oversized chamfer, under different light conditions to exhibit light overflow The feeling of color, texture does not lose the previous generations of flagship, a slight decline in feel. There are no other regional versions of the lettering on the bottom of the back of the State Bank's machine. This is a great acclaim.

By the way, compare the next two generations of the chin and the forehead: Although the physical home button is added, but the logo and BoomSound openings still make the chin short, the forehead height is almost the same, but due to the htc 10 all black processing, the body to see There is no sense of splitting caused by the black edges of the M8.

It is worth mentioning that, in the process of plastic antenna and metal fuselage transition, htc seems to have a certain degree of backwards, the perfect combination of the two on the M8, almost no second-hand feel no longer exists, finger stroking can Obviously it feels different antenna and fuselage height. In addition, the phenomenon of NFC marks on my machine has become an example.

The rear camera still could not be flush with the body, and the degree of bulging is not small.

The htc used a 12-megapixel UltraPixel camera on the rear camera, the aperture also reached F1.8, plus OIS optical image stabilization, people are looking forward to the full body of UltraPixel will bring what kind of imaging quality The only regret is that the focus is still focused on the laser focus, not in step with the time to use the phase focus.

System Experience/Screen

The boot screen is very simple and generous

The boot settings are similar to those of other phones, but htc provides a hardware diagnostics tool at the beginning that allows users to discover hardware problems and avoid unnecessary system restores.

Htc 10 equipped with ChinaSense 8.0 based on Android 6.0.1, a boot to receive a battery-enhanced updates, follow-up and received a security update, I feel htc in this flagship machine is still relatively mind.

The Sense system has always been known for its simplicity and smoothness, and it is extremely smooth under the Snapdragon 820, 4G memory and cotton candy. Although we did not run out of the 150,000 mark of God's achievement when the engineering machine came out, it was considered to be the normal level of 820. After all, scores can not be eaten, we look like it.

UI aspects of the home page can simply drive mad obsessive-compulsive disorder, ugly Baidu search bar, the first row of four app icons using the four styles, from Andrews MD to the cottage app to IOS style to abstract style, leaving the user's first impression Really spicy eyes. The Sense launcher has disabled the secondary menu by default. It is necessary to change the launcher settings of the native Android style to re-enable it. The pre-installed third-party apps include popular apps such as Weibo and Dazhong reviews, and all can be uninstalled. However, the overall optimization of the 2K screen is slightly insufficient. In terms of look and feel, the icon is too small and the interval is too large. On the left side of the figure is the native launcher, and on the right is the layout after I installed Google Now launcher for reference.

The SenseUI introduced a new feature of self-style layout, allowing users to get rid of the grid layout and place the app icon anywhere on the screen, but it is a pity that the themes that support the self-style layout in the theme market appear to be Are some non-mainstream (personal?), I believe that in some low-end machines this function can be applied more widely.

The system comes with an HTC security assistant, supports self-start management, security protection and other functions, eliminating the need to install third-party apps.

Htc 10 supports QC 3.0 fast charging, charger parameters 5v 2.5a/9v 1.7a/12v 1.25a.

0-100 took 94 minutes to charge, and the speed is very good. It takes only about 30 minutes to charge 50% of the battery. In terms of battery life, the Mid-Autumn Festival has just gone to Japan, playing Pokemon Go+Ingress and other power-hungry users from time to time. Brush tabelog, plus map navigation, etc., light screen time of 6 hours or so, basically able to sustain one day, life does not seem to be measured by Liu Xiang, then do not fly, basic pass it.

Fingerprint entry is no different from other mobile phones and will not be repeated. The unlocking process does not need to first light the screen, directly press the home button to directly enter the system, and the speed is very fast, we see the video experience.

Htc has finally adopted the 2K SuperLCD screen in this generation flagship, the size of 5.2 inches, the screen quality is as always high, accurate and vivid in the color reproduction and will not be too rich, almost no black light leakage, excellent performance.

The following is a comparison of the screen shots of the older brothers M8 and Samsung S6, on the M8 htc 10 under the S6:

10 has the best blue color, M8 is slightly yellow, and S6 is blue and purple.

Red performance is not much different between the three, S6 is slightly yellow

Green is still the 10 most positive, followed by M8, S6 is still yellow


Htc on the camera for all to see, at the beginning of the PixelPixel 400W pixel although the concept of advanced, but the final result should be only a semi-finished product, so that when M9 was once abandoned, until the release of 10 to bring 1200W pixel UltraPixel At the end of the day, the pixel was upgraded to the level of a mainstream mobile phone lens, and the 1.8-inch aperture and OIS optical image stabilization were icing on the cake. The image quality was greatly improved. It ranked first with Samsung S7 edge and Sony Xperia X performance in the foreign media evaluation. It was finally out of the picture. A bad breath.

The camera's starting speed is one of htc's promotional points, and it is indeed very satisfying.

Most of the test period is cloudy, so the proofs are relatively monotonous. If there is a chance in the later period, I will update the article and make up the sunny proofs. The comparison model is Samsung S6, and the S6 is htc 10.

Htc 10 26mm wide-angle landscape than the S6 to the atmosphere, the sharpness of the two images are very high, but the white balance on the S6 cold htc 10 warmer, both the edge of the picture quality has a certain degree of decline.

The white balance of this htc is more accurate, and the blue melons of the S6 are somewhat yellow.

Htc is again warmer, but the sense of color is more distinct. The disadvantage is that the quality of the edge drops a little bit.

In the indoor environment at night, the htc continued to be reddish and warm, with slight underexposure, but the UltraPixel played an astonishing strength. The details of the shadows remained very good. The wood grain photographed at the same location in the S6 was almost invisible.

Outdoor night scene, htc exposure is accurate, the lights in high-rise buildings are clear and will not be lumpy because of overexposure, noise control is also better than S6, however, white balance is still a road to black to reddish. .

The above photos are straight out of the ordinary camera mode, without any post-processing.

The camera app also has a professional mode in which users can freely adjust various parameters such as exposure compensation, exposure time, and aperture size, as well as generate raw format photos, which brings more room for creation and later stage.

Overall, the hardware strength of the htc 10 camera really belongs to the first echelon of mobile photography, sharpness, low-light imaging, and first-class resolution. However, the quality of the edge is too much, and the white balance is often reddish in most cases. It will be perfect to be able to improve in these two areas later through software updates.

Sound effects

Sound effects have always been the main direction of htc, although individuals do not agree with this focus, but have to say in this respect htc is indeed the leader, this time the newly added cochlea sound effects through the Hi-Res Audio certification, support 24-bit The sampling rate of up to 192khz is enough to provide sound quality far beyond the CD. The certification even extends to the recording function, and the 4K video will bring the camera function to a new height. Although the location of the front dual speakers has changed, Dolby surround sound is still supported, and it's easy to skip a square dance.

First of all, look at two sections of 1080P + ordinary recording and 4K video + high resolution recording video, please use the highest quality viewing, but after all, is online video, compressed inevitably, hope everyone forgive, subjective sense of high-resolution The three sections of the recording are more balanced, with more details and better dynamics.

In terms of extroverts, htc added mode selection, theater mode sound field is bigger, but the mid-frequency density is much smaller, and the vocals will be more prominent in the music mode.

Once the mobile phone detects the insertion of the earphone, the BoomSound settings in the settings will provide the function of creating a personalized sound profile, which can be quickly completed by answering the questions. The pursuit of the extreme can be achieved by testing the frequencies of the left and right ears at different frequencies in a quiet environment. Profiles that are more consistent with listening habits.

to sum up

Htc 10 is arguably the closest product to htc for the past few years. It inherits the previous generations of flagship quality metal bodies and excellent workmanship, and has made great improvements to the camera's short board. UltraPixel really became a shouting slogan. In addition, audio continues to have its advantages and continues to add support for higher standards. However, no shortcomings do not represent perfection, for how to add to their own products, features that are bright, and even how to better display the stunning side of their product appearance and the polishing of the system interface, htc there are many homework can be Do, and the market will not leave too much time for htc, the success or failure of the next generation of Nexus should be the last chance for htc.


1. Excellent texture and excellent workmanship

2. The outstanding image purity and detail retention under the low light environment brought by the large aperture and UltraPixel

3. Support for Hi-Res Audio increases the upper limit of sound quality

4. Free Gold Jue Service


1. Decreased camera edge quality

2. Product packaging materials, details, UI polishing have room for improvement

3. No network access

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