Installing a computer: the installation of the second half of 2016


Time will come in the second half of 2016. Accompanied by AMD and nVIDIA two completed a new round of graphics architecture iterations, the personal computer market in the past one or two years of calm has also caused a lot of turmoil. Coupled with such national masterpieces as "overwatch", more and more people are beginning to think about updating personal computers.

Lao Chen also unfortunately joined the army of renewing computers. Regarding the issue of how to select computer-installed components at this point in the second half of 2016, Lao Chen had something to say. On the one hand, it is drying up its own installation experience and course, and the second is to introduce some ideas for purchasing accessories. We hope that we can avoid detours, and finally we hope to throw in words, let more friends express their opinions, welcome everyone to express their opinions in the comment area. .

This article is aimed at the process of DIY from a desktop to a desktop computer. Therefore, it is necessary to be as comprehensive as possible. If omissions are inevitable, if you are upgrading users, look for certain parts.

Why do I need a desktop

In this era, even mobile phone manufacturers have begun to express their urgency to disclose the key performance parameters such as the CPU and memory used by their products. More and more people already do not need the desktops that appear to be a bit "old-fashioned" at this stage.

It is an indisputable fact that the market share of desktop computers has been continuously eroded by products such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and ultrabooks. However, in spite of this, it has to be admitted that desktop computers still have absolute advantages in many aspects, especially the hard indicators such as performance. Whether it is playing games, video editing or design, or heavy office, the desktop is still the preferred choice. This is precisely why we buy desktops.

Girlfriend to play ass Pioneer, I want to modify the picture code word, his girlfriend also wanted to do a live broadcast, I also want to play other games. Simply put, when you need a computer with strong performance and good scalability, you should consider the desktop computer. It is almost the only option. In terms of cost performance, the price of the desktop unit provides the The experience is also the best.


This is the first hurdle before the installation. You need to decide whether to assemble an ITX or an ATX platform. Although there are specifications such as ATX-M, the actual performance on the market is almost one-sided, either everyone chooses atx, or everyone chooses itx.

ITX provides a very good size advantage for space-stressed users. If you really don't have enough space to move your desktop or pendulum chassis, ITX is really a good choice.

Lianli PC-TU110 ITX Platform Chassis

However, the problem has arisen. The shrinkage in size has severely restricted the scalability of the ITX chassis. There are three main issues:

The parameters such as expansion bit, maximum graphics length, radiator limit and higher parameters need to match the installed plan.

Some chassis using SFX power supplies are difficult to provide high power, and there are few power options.

The cooling capacity is relatively weak in the same level system.

With the maturity of the platform, the emergence of a large number of Z170 ITX motherboards, 6700k ITX host is also common, in general, performance is no longer a bottleneck. However, scalability and other issues are still troublesome.

If you're not that bad, don't move the computer often, or the entire ATX. Buy a qualifying point of about 300 chassis, then you will buy a motherboard cooling power supply will be much larger.

NZXT H440 Hot ATX Chassis Recently

The computer can also preserve the value

At the time when Intel’s mighty man broke the word of mouth into the bottom of the valley and began to be an entry-level player, Core's big move made AMD totally lose its strength, so that today, the i7 was released five years ago. -2700k still can bite the current mainstream CPU on key performance, which also makes intel feel embarrassed - the CPU can be sold five years ago, I update this new product will not update ah. The actual situation is that since the bridge series, intel has not introduced products with a large improvement in performance, and this situation may remain until 2017 or even 2018.

The three brothers hold most of the share of the civilian desktop market

Compared with the CPU's "no performance leap over the past five years," the graphics card seems to be a bit better. Five years ago, Lao Huang is still behind the Fermi architecture. Now the 10X0 series that has evolved two generations of Pascal architecture has been placed in front of it. Now. From the mainstream consumer level perspective, the 1060 is a lot stronger than the 560. However, it should be pointed out that the current iteration speed of the graphics card is also slowing down. For nVIDIA, there is virtually no qualitative progress from GTX6 to GTX9. For the structure of this stuff, buying new ones does not buy the old, dead reason.

And storage devices have become very interesting. In 2011, SSDs are still a new thing. Nowadays, solid-state hard drives have forced traditional hard disk manufacturers into desperation. At the time of 2016, the solid-state + mechanical storage system is still the mainstream choice. If the user's data is not large, you can even abandon the mechanical hard drive. Of course, mechanical hard drives have almost no technological advancement in recent years, and prices and performance have been almost the same as they were a few years ago.

In terms of electromechanical aspects, the chassis and power supply have always been regarded as the most valuable parts. In fact, it is absolutely correct. I sincerely recommend that all budgets be spent on these two items.

Finally, on the large-scale popularization of peripherals and mechanical keyboards, the price of the keyboard has come to a 500-yuan position. This has resulted in a situation of 300/500/800 high school, low-level, and the mouse continues to be Logitech and Razer. The Sairui three leaders, the price and a few years ago, there is no difference, taking into account the almost perverted mechanical keyboard life, overall, the peripherals are also quite preserving value.

With the large-scale adoption of IPS technology and people’s increasing display system requirements, the 144Hz display of eSports users is popular on the one hand, and the low-end and mid-range IPS that emphasize balance performance and better color performance are on the other hand. AV panel display. However, due to the large number of LED light sources, the life of the display has been greatly extended, and the preservation performance of such components is also very good.

Can the computer actually preserve the value? Am I listening to something wrong?

The most important thing is the result of the severe decline in the global PC market, especially the DIY market.

A toothpaste with a toothbrush

Although the scenery of Intel and Nvidia is the same, the ninth oldest AMD can indeed be regarded as an important promoter to help the technical progress of the market. After all, the second child does not exert force, the boss will have no scruples, and think of Nvidia also launched nForce series chipset for AMD CPU. Now that AMD has sold its own wafer factory and its own handheld chip division after acquiring ATI, it's really a mess.

However, AMD's APU is indeed a very good idea of ​​the product, but in the desktop market and eggs, whether it is video card, or CPU, these two core technologies are greatly beyond the competitor's feeling really uncomfortable. The CPU market has basically become an entry-level alternative, and the graphics card market has been hit by nvidia.

AMD in the K8 Era took the Pentium 4 with Architectural Advantage

How to choose the three major items

The three major pieces refer to: CPU, memory stick and hard disk, let's say CPU

From the current perspective, if you are not bad, i7 6950x is definitely the best choice. However, I don't think most people have a budget of more than 10k on a CPU.

At present, the performance-level CPU selection is mainly at the bottom edge of the B85 platform E3 1231V3 (1.4k) old and powerful Z97 platform 4790k/4770k (2k/1.8k), the new platform Z170 or B150 with 6700K (2.1k) and 6600k (1.4k), there are also various LGA2011-V3 jack CPUs (X99 motherboards are often very expensive). The E3-1230v5 (1.5k) in the 14nm process can be said to be self-destructive because it cannot be used on the B150.

If you can see some "unconventional channels" approach, then E5-2683V3 (2k) and other CPUs are not a good choice, not much detailed here. Know what nature knows. Back to e3v5, because only C232/6 chipset can be used, some motherboard manufacturers are also very excited to introduce the motherboard of C232 chipset to match E3V5. Of course you can also try it. If you are sure to buy a video card, E3V5 is not a bad choice. The new 6-series CPU will be a little cheaper in terms of power consumption control, but if you don't care about the electricity bills measured in a few cents, the previous generation Haswell processor is not bad at all. Last sentence, unless you are really confident, don't try to waste time on any ES (engineering sample) or other unofficial version of the CPU. The computer is a tool. It is not your waiting for it. It serves you.

The motherboard maker's capabilities are much better than you think

Then talk about hard drives. Nowadays, mechanical hard drives have become a street-crossing rat. But for those who still have a lot of data needs, mechanical hard drives are still necessary. In this respect, Seagate's ES.3 series is worth considering. Because Western Digital merges the blue disk and the green disk, it also causes confusion for many consumers. And hard disk, then carefully buy Taobao can buy relatively cheap, not much to say here. Mainly talk about SSD.

Many people are using SSDs faster than HDDs. The core reason is that the SSD's 4K performance and HDD ratio are simply an upside-down gap (so if we look at the points, we still focus on 4K performance, and we will read these continuously. Just fine.) Anyway, I strongly hope that you use SSD as your primary hard drive, and some data can be put on HDD. In fact, continuous reads are hard to come by, and HDD is not far behind.

Currently, SSDs mainly have PCI-E channels and traditional SATA channels in the market. In theory, the performance of PCI-E channels will greatly outperform the performance of SATA channels, and PCI-E gives SSDs random access. Reading on more space, of course, bandwidth is faster, but everyone is concerned about the boot speed is not the case.

Due to the problem of self-test, PCI-E SSD may not bring substantial progress. You must know that PCI-E SSD is still very expensive at this stage. The PCI-E channel SSD can be connected to the motherboard in the form of M.2 except for the PCI-E slot, but the M.2 interface also allows the SATA mode to work, so when you buy it, you can see the hard disk. It really becomes important whether it is SATA or PCI-E. More worth buying is Samsung's SM/PM951 (SM951 is more expensive and better, PM951 is relatively affordable). At the same time, PCI-E's SSD will also bring some trouble with Windows7. If you insist on using Windows 7, you need to be cautious when choosing PCI-E SSD. The opinion about the PCI-E channel SSD is that it can really bring about a 4K addressing performance breakthrough, but the installation problems of windows 7 and the slow self-checking are two major problems. So if you are not bad, PCI-E SSD is the first choice, but if you are poor, SATA mode SSD is cheaper and cheaper.

A nuclear bomb or a nuclear bomb

In order to play the game, of course you need a good graphics card. Actually... as I said, if it is not to consider the ultimate effect in order to play mainstream works, the GTX1060 of this generation is enough to meet the needs. If you use a 2K or 4K screen, then the 6G memory version will not be. The choice of two.

Although AMD (ATI) had a good advantage for nVIDIA during the last generation (GTX590), at this point in time, it is clear that AMD can't come up with a powerful weapon to parry the Pascal architecture. The RX480's gaming experience at this stage Obviously it cannot be compared with the GTX1060.

On the other hand, the main purpose of Lao Chen’s back-loading was to allow her girlfriend to play Overwatch... well, 1060 would be fine.

As the main performance-level graphics card, the 1060 is sufficient to meet most people's requirements for graphics performance. Taking into account the actual situation of negative optimization of the driver (nVIDIA will in order to stimulate the consumption of the new graphics card, in the new drive deliberately "reduce" the performance of the old graphics card), or do not buy the old architecture of the graphics card. At the same time, the non-public version of the RX480 is also an alternative.

Installed combat

I don't say anything. I'll first be honored.

E3 1230V5

Asrock E3V5 OC

E3V5 with ASRock monster board can be overclocked E3V5. After much deliberation on the E3V5. As for the 2011 platform, it is too expensive.

The Enermax GX650 power supply is not a regular choice. Modular power supply, as well as light pollution white light model, 80Plus gold medal.

Guess what is this chassis?

Prolimatech Armageddon

The end of the world to use the heat sink, used to match the silver crow's crows chassis, because of the supply problem I bought a crow, in fact, I suggest you buy a crow 2. However, in fact, after the crow 1's materials were touched, the crow 2 was actually better. Due to the characteristics of the chassis air duct, the CPU is not equipped with a fan.

Rich accessories

The board is loaded with memory, the memory is the platinum win of Micron, remember the yellow vest of DDR3 era? The first two 8G, if not enough, then on the two, and now the memory is really cheap.

The graphics card is Zotac's GTX1060 X-gaming, which is regarded as the mainstream 1060. There was nothing to say about the price, and when it was bought, this slight discount was added.

The choice of HDD is the Seagate ST3000NM0033 3TB, 7200 rpm enterprise grade, price ratio is good, you need to store a lot of pictures. SSD chose a Lite-LCS-256L9S, 256G capacity, basically the same level with Pu Kete M5S products, the reason to buy this, because Taobao prices are relatively cheap.

Then the installation is done, but the chassis is really big.

Majestic Raven, but the 5.25 door opener is really good work. The whole is also very thick.

The next thing is the peripherals, mainly with these things:

Logitech G402 mouse

Logitech C930e camera

Logitech G430 Headphone/Microphone Set

Wacom PTH-651 Tablet

GANSS 104 Green Axis Mechanical Keyboard

Basically satisfied the need for repair/live/codeword/playing games.

The peripherals are inconspicuous, saving money without a trace

In the end, the monitor still played the most secure security card and chose DELL's U2414H to meet the actual needs. This price is not to talk about what color is restored, and the value of workmanship is so good that you can routinely repair the pictures you take at ordinary times. It is overjoyed to provide a rotation function, it seems that playing SDVX in the studio is just around the corner.


The result is a computer with more than 10,000, more than 10,000 ah!

The intention was just to spend 5000 pieces of a small steel cannon. How couldn't I control this hand...

Thank you very much for seeing here. Friends, we will see you next time.

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