Future car trends: private customization and shared leasing

Guide: For the future concept, no matter when or where it is inseparable from transportation, as one of the most basic needs of human beings, pay attention to the future safe and convenient transportation, customize humanization, diversification, intelligence, and promote the automotive industry. Coordinated development with the social and economic environment is also a trend of the future car.

The famous automobile brand BMW has released a new strategic plan in the past 100 years: the overall concept of the future of the 2030+ travel, focusing on the future of travel, and placing future travel in a very important position. In the vision of the future car, professional car companies will be longer and more comprehensive than we consider.

In the vision of the future, personal transportation will be one of the most basic needs of human beings whenever and wherever. The future personal transportation will be diversified, customized, humanized, intelligent, clean and responsible. The six characteristics of sex make the car develop in harmony with society, economy and environment.

Customized, user-friendly and intelligent

Customization, humanization and intelligence are inseparable, because intelligence can be customized and user-friendly, for example, wherever you are, you can control vehicle functions through your smartphone or wearable device. In foreign countries, personal customized purchase methods have become commonplace. Domestically, in the perception of ordinary consumers, personal customization is still the exclusive purchase route for tall models.

However, no matter what form of vehicle customization, the purpose is to meet the needs of consumers. As more and more consumers have personalized needs for cars, the customization of cars becomes a trend, and it is no longer a distant concept or a private use of a few people.

"Private customization" is similar to "sound control interconnection" or "vehicle networking" to some extent. It is definitely a trend in the general direction. In the future, due to the development of the Internet of Vehicles and the like, the auto insurance industry associated with the car navigation industry is very likely. Private customization of insurance, even the price can be customized by consumers' driving habits.

Energy can also be interconnected, and electric vehicles will be fully connected to the smart grid, and future electric vehicle charging will be faster and more convenient, such as wireless charging technology. The vehicle will become a terminal for the Internet of Things, and users can control home devices on the road. The car will be given more attributes in addition to the purpose of travel. A networked driverless car can be a courier, errands by setting a destination. It can also be a babysitter, picking up your child for school. In short, the future car is not just a single means of transportation, through intelligence, to achieve the ideal of omnipotence.

Diversification, cleanliness, responsibility

Speaking of cleanliness and accountability are reflected in national guidelines and policies. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way to become a car power. New energy vehicles are the trend of the times and the irreversible direction of the future.

"Made in China 2025" requires, "continues to support the development of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, master the low-carbon, information, and intelligent core technologies of automobiles, improve power batteries, drive motors, high-efficiency internal combustion engines, advanced transmissions, lightweight materials, and intelligent control. The core engineering technology and industrialization capabilities, forming a complete industrial system and innovation system from key components to complete vehicles, promoting independent brand energy conservation and new energy vehicles to the international advanced level, and vigorously promote key areas to break through the development of energy conservation and new Ten key areas such as energy vehicles." The combination of new energy vehicles and information technology will enable vehicles to acquire the modern characteristics of networking, intelligence and electrification, making them the best carriers for many emerging technologies.

When customization, humanization and intelligence reach a certain level, the concept of environmental protection will also promote the rapid development of the sharing economy. Time-sharing leasing will be popular. Customized travel according to the characteristics of the time-sharing people. When the intelligence reaches a certain level and the unmanned driving technology becomes more and more mature, then the mode of time-sharing leasing has a very broad space. The vehicle has a greater degree of autopilot function, and the vehicle can be configured to the customer's location according to the customer's request, and the customer can realize the return of the vehicle within a certain range.

Through the comprehensive use of images and radars, the vehicle can be parked at will after the low-speed automatic situation is achieved. The vehicle configures the vehicle to enter the nearest rental point or enter the wireless charging mode based on the needs of the server. After further increasing the processing speed, the demand response of the vehicle can be achieved. According to the actual needs of the user, position matching is performed, and the vehicle is delivered to the position required by the user. And customers can choose the mode of driving or driving automatically. According to the demand response, the user can select the automatic mode and the non-automatic mode, plan the route according to the destination, and match the most suitable operating route according to the deployment of the system. Don't worry about parking, don't worry about ticket and in-vehicle hygiene management. Time-scheduled cars are automatically cleaned and automatically parked according to personalized customization. According to the set voyage, the traffic rules are completely obeyed and easier to manage.

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