Really beautiful - iPhone7 Plus bright black version 256GB box with waterproof experiment

- Preface

The process of starting this iPhone7 Plus is quite dramatic. The details are not shown for the time being, so as not to bring up a wave of unnecessary rhythm, so everyone does not have to ask me what price to start with. Below will put a picture, everyone thinks for oneself. 360 lines, the top line, in fact, there is nothing wrong with the business field, as long as the basic principles: trading voluntary. Trading can be established. The moral thing is that everyone's standards are different, and arguments have no meaning.

Location: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Coordinates: Apple Store Retail Store (Canton Road Shop)

Quantity: about 20

- Appearance

Since September 16th, there have been more than ten days since then. Many iPhone7 users should also see a lot of things out of the box. The landlord will not walk from the most original box and streamline some pictures. Everyone in the province always looks The same thing. The bright black version is slightly different from the normal version of the packaging box. The black packaging design is mainly used to highlight the glossy edge of the product on the printed image.

The previous version of the iPhone was at the top of the product card. This time, a small change was made. After opening the box, you need to remove the product card covered in the top. The positive feeling, why the bright black is good-looking is mainly because after replacing the color of the previous generation of dark gray, the black of the edge is integrated with the screen, giving people a visually illusion of no border. Because the back of the gloss is sufficient, the front of the back echo each other, and even there is a sense of one-piece design.

On the back, the dual cameras are large but not obtrusive. The number of LED flashes has increased from two to four. I believe that this time is the most beautiful time in her life, because the landlord is not ready to wear a sleeve, or do I use bright black? In the future, she will soon face a variety of fingerprints, oil stains, scratches, bumps, full of life challenges, do not know she is ready...

A headphone adapter was added to the accessories, and Earpods changed from 3.5mm to the lightning interface. Nothing else changed. The 5V/1A compact power adapter is becoming more and more difficult as the mobile phone continues to use more and more batteries, and it does not support the fast charging function.

After the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom is replaced, the camera body becomes thinner and lighter, mainly for symmetrical design. Here is still a noise reduction microphone. The configuration of the dual speakers is not here, but the location of the handset at the top of the screen.

- Experience

The notification bar has changed a lot compared with iOS9. The current way of calling out is dragging from left to right. There are classifications and iconizations among various categories, making browsing more intuitive. The HOME button no longer supports mechanical pressing. Instead, the electronic version below the button simulates the vibration feedback. Many people are not used to it and feel that the machine is loose. It is worth mentioning that if the machine is turned off, the vibration will follow. Disappears, the HOME key is pressed.

Contrast with 6S, the big warm screen can't be used at first, but it does reduce the fatigue of the eyes for a long time.

If you feel that the color difference is too large, you can also adjust the color temperature and color tone by setting the color filter. Now you want a cool screen, a warm screen, even a blue screen, and a green screen.

iMessage has become more interesting, Digital Touch can make the text messages between Apple users into a variety of expression packages, as long as a simple gesture transform can become a variety of dynamic HD maps.

Even we can do more personal communication through handwriting or drawing. The text and pictures sent by the other party can also be praised and questioned. Interactivity and interest are very strong. I do not know whether it will change the current situation of WeChat's social platform.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 7 and the 7PLUS can be described in this dual camera, the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens equipped with two different sets of lenses and photosensitive elements. One is a wide-angle lens and the other is a telephoto lens. The wide-angle lens has a field of view of about 75°, which is 30° larger than the telephoto lens. Can adapt to more demanding scenes shooting.

The current focus and lens zooming operations are also different from the past.

- Sample comparison

The following is a sample within a certain distance, shot through the zoom lens, the picture is straight out of the phone, and without any post-processing, you can see the iphone7PLUS details and color rendering are more excellent.


The IP67 waterproofing is not to say, the first is the solid protection level, the range is 0-6, which means the protection from large particles of foreign materials to dust; the second is the liquid protection level, the range is 0-8, Respectively protection against vertical drop to bottom pressure. The larger the number, the stronger the ability. The explanation of IP67 is that protective dust is inhaled; protection is short soaking. Therefore, general splashing and flushing will not cause any damage to the machine.

The so-called "protective short-term immersion" and not everyone in the concept of the time is so short, the following is the landlord after 20 minutes of immersion experiment, the machine did not malfunction, the landlord had seen a test video, is a surf player fixed Phone7Plus in the surfing An hour of surfing was performed on the board, and the front camera was turned on for video recording without any malfunction. (The above are all not responsible for the experiment. People with lower mental capacity should not imitate it)

- Accessories

Although it needs to be streaking, but the protection of the screen still needs to be done. The selected ELECOM anti-blue steel film, 40% anti-Blu-ray index, completely bought is a comfort to the heart, the specific useless still rely on the verification of time, now big The warm screen is also good for eye protection. The 3D edge design can fit the iphone's 2.5D arc.

This is different from the previously used tempered film, it is a full coverage of the style, the film edge of the previous 6s will be left blank for a short cut, for OCD has been very annoying, this film is a little expensive, but think about it so expensive The mobile phones were bought, and there was no need to save money on the film.

The feeling after being posted is not too thin. It is higher than the screen, but because the whole thing is black, it is still very pleasing. The body looks a lot stronger. Now I usually use the mobile phone to put the screen on the table. Next, after all, there is no fear of scraping the film, and the big deal is to replace it with the old one, and you don't have to worry about the uneven placement and scratching caused by the large camera on the back.

Membrane permeability is good, point to open the standby screen can see no color, the color of the degree of reduction is still good, the screen is not because of the film and the darkened, the sensor above the earpiece also left a hole, do not Worried about the problem of abnormal contact when using the handset.

Since it was decided not to wear a suit, the daily protection on the back would have to be changed in a different way. The ELECOM handbag is also used to flatten the fashion mobile phone. The material of Oxford cloth can make the mobile phone cool faster.

There is still a feeling of denim in the near future. The technique of routing is also pretty good. It mainly focuses on the function of sorting and storage. Now, in addition to carrying data cables and earphones, sometimes you need to bring the adapter to go out. Several lines will be tangled together. It is easy to lose the risk.

The opening and closing design of the Velcro makes it easier to pick and place the mobile phone, but if it is used frequently, it should not be placed in the bag. You can also put some change or bank card as your wallet.

As for the issue of easy-to-find fingerprinting, which is generally concerned by everyone, here is a solemn and clear answer for everyone. It is indeed a powerful “fingerprint collector.” This photo of the light was wiped several times with wipes!

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