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"Write in front"

It took about one month from iOS to Android to go to the App Store search. However, the chaos in the Android market led to a lot of very good apps either directly to the Android version, or need to be manually downloaded from different places on the Internet. In the introduction of mobile phones, the IOS application market is not as simple and efficient as Android. When I first got the phone, I wanted to use it to buy and see if there was anyone who shared a high-quality APP. I searched for a lap, and almost all of them were IOS.

Through the use of this period of time, I still found several apps that I think are pretty good, share it with everyone, and I hope to see people sharing more and better apps.

* Because of the Android market, everyone uses a different phone, the store is different, find the official website, I posted the official website address, did not find, can only be manually searched.

* This article uses the text above, the picture under the reading method.

* This article is for sharing only. There are too many system privileges for Android apps. We do not assume any other responsibility.


â–¼ This is an information subscription application, called a pit artifact. The user interface is very simple and friendly. It will push messages according to your own preferences. The difference between it and other news subscription applications is that if other applications are pushing messages, will you open them? To determine the value of this message, whether it can meet your needs, and immediately allow you to subscribe to points of interest, and the division is very fine, with a variety of topics, so that after the user subscribes, as long as there is Related news, it will be pushed to you immediately, and if you can not find what you need, you can find the right topic for your own taste through the search in the upper right corner. The main point is that because of the precise push, fine detail, almost push things are your favorite.


▼ “The world is beautiful and you are free,” and you don’t know where to begin to like this application. Unlike the consulting APP, this is a reading application. It will not be too long. It will take about 10 minutes to finish. Some people conclude that knowing is rational and momentary. Spend a little time every day to read it, for a moment!


â–¼ "Quark - the smallest unit in the universe, but it contains an entire universe. It means that our browser is minimalist and light, but it has infinite power behind it," said the Internet. Quark can be seen as an advertising version of UC, the interface is beautifully designed, the operation is simple, the performance is very strong, the user experience is good is that there is no advertising push. There are various options for mobile browsers, and it is hard to find a simple browser today. It is the first time that UC has actually produced such a low-key product. Praise!

â–¼ You can also add your favorite and frequently used web pages to your homepage by clicking the + sign on the homepage.

『 X Browser 』

â–¼ In fact, the above recommended browser is easy enough and simple, but the students with obsessive-compulsive disorder said that this is not enough simple and not small, there are this, a few hundred KB size, and some of the features are not less. Obsessive-compulsive disorder you know. But privately think that interface design is not as good as quark beauty.

『 via browser 』

â–¼ Since we talked about the browser, we introduced a browser that I stumbled across. It is also a KB-level, beautifully designed, simple and not simple, I did not find the official website, which is almost my favorite one Browser, no complicated functions, no extra corners, the only thing that can make me spit is multi-page switching, which is listed at the bottom of the column. If it can add a transitional animation like quark, it may be Browsers are more than just a collection.

Can't find the official website of this browser, but there is a saying on the Internet:

The design concept of Via is

"We don't want to tell you toughly that the weather is not good enough to force you to pay attention to which celebrity and who has sex. We don't want to pretend to understand that you just put what you want in front of us. We hope you enjoy the lightness and simplicity you deserve. Browsing experience"

『 Any.do 』

â–¼ I am accustomed to memorizing things and automatically remind me by time. When switching to an Android phone, I immediately wanted to find an application that could be used as a reminder item for the IOS system. I downloaded a lot of apps, but I couldn't be satisfied. I didn't want to remind me of the problem. I just refreshed the display. problem. It is easy to use the Internet outside the wall. Although the ladder is easy to use, it's too much trouble for the ladder to find a closest app for me. It can be displayed on the desktop as a plug-in. Can be refreshed in time, and the reminder is also timely. (This one I did not find in my phone's app store, Baidu later installed in the phone.)

â–¼ Create a new task to set the reminder time, and you can also clear the completed reminder and export the list. Feature-rich

â–¼ Reminder is this, click to enter the desktop will have the option to close, delay and complete.

"Call Assistant"

â–¼ An APP that has not been found on the official website, call attribution should be regarded as one of the most demanding applications for users. However, some unconscious APPs are very dangerous. After all, it needs to read your call records. If this APP is Leak, you know. In fact, it understands it, but the rogue will not care about these things, it will apply for your various permissions, what the network of what a mess, it does not seem very reassuring.

This APP does not apply for too many permissions, there is no networking requirements, this application is very small, usually does not feel its existence, the design interface is also very simple, and I only use its single display function can After installation, it will be displayed on the screen during an incoming call or outgoing call.

▼ In addition to the appearance of incoming and outgoing attributions, there are also interception functions. Of course, I don’t use them for myself. This is left for you to study on your own.


â–¼ After all, I had decided to weigh 170+ to a reasonable weight of 140. The BMI index was also on the middle of the data. This weight was maintained for more than two years. There has been a big rebound in the last six months. To 150 + more, in order to properly control the weight, record the changes in daily weight, so find the corresponding weight records application. On IOS, I use the "slim journey" this application, there is no corresponding to the Android, and fortunately Libra this application is as good and powerful. It can provide a graph of weight changes, and it also automatically generates BMI to help you more scientifically understand your weight and size.

â–¼ Click on the + in the upper right corner to record your daily weight. Record the current weight by moving the scale. There are more options in the preferences, but I myself can record it. Not used so much!

â–¼ And it will also predict your weight trend based on your current weight change, and then suddenly wakes up and makes a determined effort...

â–¼ In fact, it is unscientific to look at the weight of the light. In addition to the weight, we must also look at the BMI index. People with different heights are not the same as the standard body weight. Just watching the weight is not a practical problem. At present, the internationally accepted standard is BMI, and the formula is BMI = weight (kg), body height 2 (m), BMI is normal between 18.5-23.9, I originally wanted to be 21, there is wood... just now...

"With Notes"

â–¼ When I first went to work, I would become accustomed to it. Afterwards, I found out that I had spent so much money on the occasion and that I was able to remember less than half. Then the question came. Where did the money go? Later, he was determined to plan to check and see where the money was spent. Another advantage is that you look at the bills at different times and spend so much money is too cruel.

After you log in, you can synchronize your previous books, and worry about changing your phone.

â–¼ The time spent on the toilet every day is enough, spending a sum of money, and waiting for the end of the year to see if it really will be handcuffed.


▼ Sometimes I can't sleep at night, and my guilty heart can hardly calm down. I can't get into sleep quickly. White noise is the best choice. I like the sound of the rainy day. When I sleep at night, I listen to the sound of rain and sleep. It's hard to enjoy wood more! Baidu explained white noise: “White noise is even recognized as an effective “sound and makeup treatment” for neurological diseases such as mental disorders, tinnitus, hyperaesthesia, and ADHD. "Treatment. There are others who use white noise to weaken some of the sounds that can interrupt their normal sleep. In this way, you can get a good night's sleep."

The application interface is beautiful, needless to say, simple operation, regular functions, there are many scenes to choose from, of course, I only use rain.

This wall crack recommended, of course, is the name...

â–¼ I set 20 minutes on my own, and I generally fell asleep in less than 20 minutes.


â–¼ A very good photography community with many outstanding photographers. Suitable for students who like photography. The pictures inside are of high quality. To see those beautiful pictures is a kind of enjoyment. Registration is required, but it is very simple. There are similar communities in the country and one will be recommended.


â–¼ The famous map bugs are more localized, and there are many excellent photography works. In the words of the website itself, the best photographers are here, and there are many mobile photography works. The goods are thrown

To write so much now, later found that easy-to-use APP will still share with you, this article is not what draft things like, are thinking of where to write, it is inevitable that there are flaws, a lot of excuse!

the above! ! !

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