Let “smart manufacturing” be closer to us

In 2016, the new industrial revolution centered on smart manufacturing has again become the focus of attention of the international community. Enterprises to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing into a rational and pragmatic stage, a variety of "smart manufacturing" exhibitions have been launched. In particular, the World Smart Manufacturing Conference sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, 285 companies from 10 countries and regions around the world brought a technological feast. People can not help but lament: Originally, the manufacturing industry can also So cool! We sincerely congratulate Jiangsu on its ability to host such a high-level, large-scale national conference; and eagerly welcome and lead Jiangsu's new pursuit of the new normal economy and promote the in-depth integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing. At the same time, we also hope that such new things as "smart manufacturing" will continue to move from exhibition to reality and be closer to us. Integrate into the real economy. Development is the top priority for governing and rejuvenating the country, while the real economy is an important support and powerful kinetic energy for development. The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that, in order to rejuvenate the real economy, we must adhere to improving quality and core competitiveness, persist in innovation-driven development, and expand the supply of high-quality products and services. To implement innovation-driven development strategies, we must not only promote the vigorous development of strategic emerging industries, but also focus on comprehensively transforming and upgrading traditional industries with new technologies and new industries. Intelligent manufacturing will bring more and more drastic changes to the production of enterprises. The real economy cannot work hard and consume energy. It must always highlight scientific and technological innovation, integrate the concepts of “smart manufacturing” and “intelligent” and “intelligent” into the entire process of production and management, and promote the transformation of the real economy from traditional industries to emerging industries. . As economic development has entered a new normal state, the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises around the country has been noticeably accelerating, and companies’ willingness to develop smart manufacturing has become stronger. They have moved from a single application of information technology to integration, and actively explore smart manufacturing from the production line, workshop, and plant level. mode. Under this circumstance, intelligent manufacturing should be used as an important manufacturing tool to build an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing base and strengthen technological transformation in the new era, and to hold the opportunity of the world's intelligent manufacturing conference to connect intelligent manufacturing service providers with enterprises. Manufacturing companies should actively connect with intelligent manufacturing service providers to jointly guide enterprises to increase their investment in intelligent transformation and upgrade the level of intelligent manufacturing of enterprises.
Into the life of the people. The people said that it was really good. "Intelligent Manufacturing" cannot exist only in exhibitions and forums. It must live in the lives of ordinary people and allow the general public to obtain stronger and more advanced applications from "smart manufacturing" and "smart cities". Feelings of happiness. The "World Smart Manufacturing Conference" focuses on the development direction of the world's smart manufacturing, analyzes the trend of smart manufacturing, conducts research on practical applications in the manufacturing industry, and specializes in large-scale intelligent construction machinery equipment, industrial robots, 3D printers, and other "intelligent" “Manufacturing industry has introduced the scope of exhibitions to increase people’s understanding of industrial production and change people’s perception of the boring, tedious tradition of the manufacturing industry. The conference demonstrated the latest technology products and major development trends in smart manufacturing from a multi-faceted, multi-level and multi-angle perspective. While highlighting the professionalism of the conference, it also enhanced the participation of ordinary audiences and made society feel that smart manufacturing is closely related to life. All levels must take this opportunity to implement the “Internet +” action plan and the “Made in China 2025” action plan, accelerate the construction of “smart cities”, and allow modern information technologies such as “smart home” and “intelligent robots” to enter. The lives of ordinary people make modern city life more sophisticated, smarter, better and more convenient. Printed in the cadres. "Intelligent Manufacturing", as soon as it is heard, is very professional, and it seems to be only a business that smart manufacturing companies and intelligent manufacturing service providers care about and study. In fact, it is closely related to the whole society, especially with all levels of local officials. The broad participation and active support of the masses are of crucial importance. Both the “manufactured” and “applied” levels must give full play to the main roles of cadres and the masses at all levels so that scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing become the ideology and action of the broad masses of cadres. In particular, leading cadres must strive to become new technologies. New app hipsters. On the one hand, we must increase publicity, guidance, and popularization. We must adopt a form that people like to hear, and interpret the “smart manufacturing” technologies and policies in an all-round and three-dimensional manner, unveil their mysteries, and expand the public’s awareness and application rate. On the other hand, we must provide high-quality and efficient services to enterprises and service providers. In particular, the information-oriented functional departments should take the lead in grasping the overall organizational leadership and conduct in-depth research on enterprises, experts, product experiences, etc., targeting enterprises and the public. Practical needs, come up with practical solutions; to focus on innovation, focus on enriching the people, intensify reforms and innovations, provide humane and personalized public product services for the whole society, promote innovation-driven strategies and take root, promote “smart manufacturing "Smart cities" have developed rapidly. Innovation is a perpetual motive and development is endless. The new economy needs a new normal; new pursuits and calls for new actions. "Intelligent manufacturing" is not new to us and we are not unfamiliar. As long as we identify the focus and force points, actively take the initiative, take the initiative, dare to reform, be good at innovation, make scientific decisions and lead correctly, we will certainly be able to promote the "China" reform and development of giant ships continue to sail to a broader waters.

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