IT1024 and then broadcast COSPLAY beauty mirror installed

As early as two months ago, Xiao Bian had reported on a live broadcast program, IT1024, which featured Big Wave beauty and IT digital information. During the first live broadcast, Xiao Bian opened his eyes wide, and there was a series of ridicules and chantings in the barrage, such as “a milky aroma,” “E Cup, a sister, a scene squat,” and so on. This thought that the beautiful anchors were “playing haha” to the netizens of the past. I did not expect them to be all kinds of bold and eclectic, and the scene once made the “J pulse rise!”

During the live broadcast, we also interspersed interactive sessions with prizes, mechanical keyboards, gaming high-end mice, water-cooled suits, speaker towns and fields, various brands of beliefs, etc. Welfare prizes, a cool word! The show is still very conscience. You can see and take it! Why not?

Xiao Bian feels that this kind of side "watching the ball" while the live broadcast is still very exciting. Coupled with the lack of corresponding experience for the majority of girls on the installation itself, naturally attracting many "IT people" and "speed hand man" and other people to grasp this opportunity "oral" sisters installed, it is simply people to teach Is it bad?


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