Haimeidi H7 four generations of dismantling: compact structure, excellent workmanship

Haimei Di H7 has been listed on the four generations for some time. The new products have changed very much from inside to outside. It is a sincere work and worthy of taste. Some time ago Xiaobian conducted detailed evaluation and functional experience on the Haimeidi H7 four generations. Let's guess today how many "hidden tricks" are hidden within this popular box.

Haimeidi H7 four generations using a compact and simple design, body size is only 158.8*104.7*23.6mm, with the previous three generations of fashion products local gold design is different, the sea Meidi H7 fourth generation appearance uses a more restrained cool black Color matching.

The Sea Meidi H7 four-generation upper body has no screws. Unscrew the four screws on the bottom plate to open the internal components.

The motherboard is fixed on the fuselage cover with three screws. The size of the circuit board is just “embedded” into the upper cover. The internal space is compact, and the circuit board traces and the weldment work well. It can be seen as a masterpiece.

The motherboard can be separated by soldering the WiFi antenna from the motherboard antenna position.

Yellow: Crystal morning CPU and its heat sink, CPU model 912H
Green: Samsung DRAM, K484G16 46E

Dark blue: Samsung 16GB eMMC flash, KLMAG2WEPD-B031

Light blue: WiFi 11ac + Bluetooth 4.1, AP6255

Brown: Network Transformer, DGKYD KMS-1102NL

Black: Audio Amplifier IC, TPF632A

The WiFi antenna module can be separated from the upper cover by pushing outwards from the inside, the corners are connected through the buckles, can be separated, the corner part has a convex groove, and the convex groove of the upper cover completes the rotation of the 180-degree WiFi antenna.

Haimeidi H7 four standard minimalist 14-button Bluetooth voice remote control, two 7th battery-powered, remote control from the Haimei Di H7 three-generation infrared into a 360 ° control Bluetooth remote control, effective control distance of 7 meters And introduced voice manipulation.

Haimeidi H7 fourth-generation remote control through the snap joint, through the hard card "split open" to separate the upper and lower lid.

The key part is composed of three parts. The cover, buttons, and soft glue are also perfect in detail processing, such as the processing of voice empty and arrow keys.

The remote control's main screen printing key functions, component welding and wiring are also very big factory style, and optimized design of the anti-spray network at the microphone.

Dismantling reviews: difficulty in dismantling and maintenance 5 (total 10)

Features: 1, the host modular structure, compact design, no waste of space; 2, remote control microphone at the injection network optimization design;

Dismantling: The standard Phillips screw can be disassembled by ordinary families;

Maintenance: Due to the highly integrated circuit design, it is not difficult for players with electrical basics to repair, and ordinary players are still less tossing.

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