CNPS9500 LED large radiator

brief introduction:

According to the latest news from the Akihabara market in Japan, ZALMAN's "Stunning" CNPS9500 LED large radiators on display at COMPUTEX2005 will be available for sale on the 8th of next month. Some Japanese merchants have now announced the latest product prices. The product price is 7980 yen, equivalent to about 585 yuan. According to the current highest air-cooling price, this ZALMAN CNPS9500 LED should be the most expensive after the market.

ZALMAN CNPS9500 LEDs can support almost all current processor-level products such as LG A775/mPGA478/Socket 754/939/940. From the appearance of the overall product, the heat pipe is 8-shaped and can effectively correspond to the performance of the cycle heat. And the total copper piece reached about 90 pieces. And there is a cooling fan of about 9 cm, and the noise ratio is about 18~27.5dBA. The product specification is 112 (mm) x 85 (mm) x 125 (mm) and its weight is 530 grams.

10mm Spout With Cap

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