Crystal lamp like a thorny rose (picture)

Crystal lamps probably appeared in China in the 1960s and 1970s. They started in the mid-to-late 1990s. After 2002, the number of crystal lamp companies increased from 2005 to 2006. In 2007, it was hailed by the lighting industry. Crystal Light Year." At present, there are more than 300 large and small enterprises in the assembly and production of crystal lamps in China, mainly concentrated in Zhongshan Guzhen and Dongguan. According to incomplete estimates, the average annual sales volume of crystal lamps in the past two years is 10-15 billion, which is no less than the modern simple lamps and low-voltage lamps popular in the market.

In ancient times, people used quartz to make various single-piece ornaments for candlesticks; in 1673, the first artificial crystal lamp created by French-born Italians made of crystal glass was introduced; in 1687, the French Vatican Palace was installed. A group of crystal lamps made of natural crystal and quartz, this is the first understanding of the origin of crystal lamps. The crystal lamp at the time was a very expensive ornament, which was only used in the magnificent halls of the palace, church and palace. Nowadays, crystal lighting is no longer a patent for royals and nobles. Many families will consider choosing a colorful crystal lamp to create a home atmosphere. However, in the pursuit of the magnificent atmosphere created by the crystal lamp, the consumer has another unspeakable pain in this "stinged rose".

In the eyes of ordinary consumers, because the appearance of crystal lamps looks more grandiose and more upscale than Other lamp accessories, it can represent a kind of luxury and better satisfy people's psychological desire for the prosperity and prosperity of life. Therefore, they do not know how to do it. Consumers love and love it, and the manufacturers who know how to do it are catching the weaknesses that consumers don't understand, and they are also blowing the beauty of crystal lamps. Whether it is imported crystal or domestic crystal, the same label is attached.

The quality of a crystal lamp depends mainly on its crystal pendant, that is, a crystal ball or a wafer. The key to the quality of the crystal pendant is its purity, cutting, polishing and lead content. At present, the crystal pendants on the domestic market are generally divided into three grades: the high-grade crystal is represented by Austrian crystal, and the lead content is more than 35%. The cut surface can reach more than 200, the light is more refracted, and the effect is crystal clear. Shining; followed by crystals produced in countries such as Egypt and the Czech Republic, with lead content reaching 30%, belonging to the mid-range products, the cutting surface can reach more than 100; while the domestic crystal contains only about 10% lead, the purity is low, Belonging to lower grade products.

In fact, more than 90% of the crystal lamps on the market today should be called crystal glass lamps or crystal lamps, and they are mainly made of domestic crystal pendants. However, in the sales process, the merchant will never disclose its lead content. As a result, some crystal lamp manufacturers only pay attention to the crystal lamp, not heavy content. In the crystal lamp market, there are often unhealthy phenomena such as miscellaneous fish, shoddy goods, wrong goods, and vague contracts. They continue to deceive consumers and seriously damage the interests of consumers. Not only that, after consumers installed crystal lamps at home, they often encountered the consequences of rust, dark color and inconvenient cleaning of steel frames. Some even suddenly fell from the ceiling, but consumers did not get after-sales service guarantee.

In the last three months of last year, several people in Beijing's several crystal stores used tens of thousands of pieces of cash to buy a variety of crystal lamps. The next day, these dealers received 10 times the compensation for these people. The reason is that "the fake crystals are sold to them." This sensational "Beijing's anti-counterfeiting incident" is actually a serious torture of the crystal lamp manufacturer. When we were young, we picked roses for the first time, but after being stabbed by the thorns on the branches, we will become very cautious when we pick roses next time. Imagine, if consumers understand the true composition and harm of crystal lamps, will they still buy crystal lamps without fear?


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